The appearance of the youth hostel I stayed in NY.
I came to feel being stuffed in the darkroom with those strangers in a room in the youth hostel and got up in very early morning, headed for nearest doughnut shop.
It was freezing cold winter with the temperature of minus15.
I stayed in NY a week and stayed in the hostel whole the week.
Excluding the arriving day and the last day, I stayed 4 days in the hostel.
Still now, I'm not confortable with youth hostel.I want more private zone.

I'll tell a story that I actually experienced in NY.
The area I stayed was really close to the Harlem area.Now I would not care if I have to stay in Harlem area as long as I could secure a private room because I have stayed in even worse area in Van.But at the time, I had almost few experience oversea.
I was watching around my sorroundings and very careful.
I think partly that carefulness cause it, my behavior and way of walking might be appeared a little akward and being scared somehow.
I watched a musical and had a good time with a friend who lived in NY then I headed for the youth hostel.I was walking with my head leaning down.Some homeless people caught my eyes.I had noticed that it was a kind of a residencial area mainly lower middle social economic class family people being clustered in.
I wondered if I was walking within a personal property.



I felt something hit my back pack that was a snow ball.
I turned around and looked at behind, there were 4 people and 2 of them who I thought they look Juniorhigh students were slowing snow balls, and I thought those another 2 were their parents.I felt a kind of intention to get me out of the area.
I walked even faster and past through the area soon.
It was more than 3 years ago so I can't remember it clearly though I remember one of those 4 jeered to me.