NY subways


The first time I was being in NY, I found it strange somehow that the Japanese girl singers Puffy apeared on advertisements sometimes.
I remembered that they were performing their concerts in the U.S..
People in the US would say they look young as their real age early30s.
That is a trait of Japanese girls.
Not only girls but boys, myself too.Back in Canada, I was looked young as my real age nevertheless I was called as OJISAN(a middle aged man) in Japan.

So, speaking of NY, I had oftenly connected its image with subways.
In reality, NY's subways have particular atomosphere, first of all, it is dark because it's underground though, and second dirty.
They used to be known as grafityful cars until a decade ago.It's changed.
They have installed grafity proof cars.

The first time I went NY I noticed that even though their cars were clean, there were other type of grafities on the glasses of windows, not spray paints but they colored white and scratch like marks.

Months after that, I saw some TV program in Japan that featured grafities on the trains in NY.
They said those new grafities are painted with special solvent with strong acid.
Those new paint solve the surface of the glass and make the white scratch like mark.
And with their acid trait, you would be burnt if you touch them when they are still wet.

They are no longer grafities because they damaged the body of the cars.
In the cases with spray paint, they can be erased but these can't be.