NY in winter...freezing cold like hell.


This is a photo when the second time I went to NY.
As you can tell from the picture, it was so cold.
It was in December 2004.
The first time in NY for me was in August in the same year.

I took this picture from inside of a Mcdonard's in soho in NY.
My hotel was located in upper west side, on the w105th street.
I was so excited from this tour because this was the second time for traveling abroad for me.
The first time was in NY, and the second time was too.
So I woke up in the really early morning( I think it was 5a.m. or so )and took a quick shower and went out of the hotel.
It was the first time I stayed in a youth hostel and shared a room with other people.
And at that time, my English was not so good, and had trouble making myself understood every turn.I had already taken a liking of having cinversations with foreigners though that was a really frustrating situation.
I had started studying English in September 2003 as I remember so this was only 15 months after I had started studying the language.

The first time I came to NY, I was so shy and hesitate to have a conversation with people in the hotel.
So this was the second chance.
This was a youth hostel, so we all share the space.
I woke up in the early morning and left the room and came back to the room midnight so some were already in the bed.But I was so sure that others were keeping aware of me because people are in general watching each other in the youth hostel especially like the one without a safe nor a locker.
As for me, I was holding my passport in the porch inside the cloth with a strap and wearing tight pants and kept my wallet in the pocket.

Anyway, I left the hotel 5:30 in the morning and there were no restaurant open and I headed for doughnuts shop to kill time.
It was really really cold but I couldn't help but go out of the room, because I was so excited with the travel and unconfortable with strangers in the room.
It was minus 15 degree celsius or so.
I tried to keep warmth in some restaurants.
I kept walking and got into a Macdonard's or a starbuck's every 30 minutes.
I noticed that my body was consuming so much energy in a short time and started shivering, getting tired.
The body seemed to combust much of carbohydorate in a short time.
Finally I got to the soho area in NY downtown the upper photo is the one I took from the window in the restaurant.

A couple of years before I came to NY, I had gone to Hokkaido which average temperature was minus 5, even compare to Hokkaido it was even much colder that was awesome.
In Vancouver the lowest temperature I had experienced was minus 10.