I'm missing FAMILY GUY.

Lois: It seems today that all you see is violence in movies,
and sex on TV.

Peter: But, Where are those good ol' fashion values...

All: ...That we used to rely?

All: Lucky theres a Family Guy!
Lucky Theres a man who, possitivly can do,
all the thing that make us...

Stewie: ...Laugh and cry!

All: He's








I had a job interview with an American school yoday.
Whereas I have failed in job interviews with Japanese company and school, I take it that I got rally good reaction from them.
I have met with a Japanese run English conversation school that offers 180,000 yen for a month that was 50,000 yen less than the amount they shown on the recruiting web site that was 230,000 yen.The company held a job interview at 19th March that was the reason I left Canada 3 days before the day, I could have stayed there more 20days.I lost my precious time for the job inter view.
That school was really suck.
I am living in Yokohama and I asked to work in Tokyo or Kanagawa area but their potential work places were Aichi, Iwate, Ishikawa....who would learn English in those local area, sorry...I mean, it is not the time like 10 years ago when NOVA was expanding the business and increasing the school that was the English bubble but now quite a few English school are shutting down their school in the loal area because of scarcity of students and difficulty in finding sufficient quantity of native speakers.
They don't know what will happen on the school in 10 years, they without fail will shrink the business.

The second one was Japanese run private English conversation school, that was also a suck.I partook in a class which had just 3 kids and there were already 1 native teacher and 1 other Japanese assistant.They offered me a chance to join in the class though only 3 kids for 3 teachers, what could I do?I felt strange.Moreover, they started stupidly strange dancing.I don't want to work as an assistant but as a main teacher.
3 days later, I got a notice that told failure but I was not disappointed because I don't want to dance the stupid dance.

The third one was an American scool located in out of the Yokohama area.
I really wanted to work there so it brought me down when I knew I failured.
It has an elementary school and a kindergarten.
They were recruiting a Japanese teacher but when I visited the school there were no openings so the manager sent me to the kindergarten.
I had a talk with the vice manager.She had me sing an English song Eensy-Wensy spider.
And after the interview she went to find a native speaker but all were gone.
I sent an email to the school meaning that I was willing to come to the school again to have a talk with native speaker.
But there were not responce but I was failured.
They would not hire me in the first place.
I found it so rude.
In the first place there were no openings, but they had me visited all the way already so they couldn't let me go so they cooking up the untrue excuse.

The 4th one was also an American school.
But the opening was for a low paid parttimer.
And both I and the manager came to the conclusion that the position was not match to my request.

Meanwhile I was sending resumes to other schools, some accepted the resume and I have been waiting for the answer.Some rejected.

Now I'm coming to one school.
They are showing some possibility slightly.
But the final answer is going to be told more than 1 month later after they had all job interviews.

My English might be inferier than others'.
But by showing my sincerelity and possibility for more improvement, I will get the job.

I will do anything to get the job.
Because I have no place to stand anymore.