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DMM英会話の予習 エドワード・スノーデン

Edward Snowden, in full Edward Joseph Snowden, (born June 21, 1983, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, U.S.), American intelligence contractor and whistleblower who in 2013 revealed the existence of secret wide-ranging information-gathering programs conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). The case highlighted a host of issues, including the secret use of government power, privacy in the digital age, the ethics of whistleblowing, and the role that the Internet and anonymous browsers on the dark web such as Tor can play in facilitating such whistleblowing.

Snowden was born in North Carolina, and his family moved to central Maryland, a short distance from NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, when he was a child. He dropped out of high school and studied intermittently between 1999 and 2005 at a community college; he completed a GED but did not receive a college degree. He enlisted in the army reserve as a special forces candidate in May 2004, but he was discharged four months later. In 2005 he worked as a security guard at the Center for Advanced Study of Language, a University of Maryland research facility affiliated with the NSA. Despite a relative lack of formal education and training, Snowden demonstrated an aptitude with computers, and he was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006. He was given a top secret clearance and in 2007 was posted to Geneva, where he worked as a network security technician under a diplomatic cover.


DMM英会話の予習 地球温暖化の費用

The researchers noted that human-related climate change could be linked to a net of $260.8 billion in damages from the 185 studied events, or about 53% of total damages. The majority of the climate change-related damages were connected to storms like hurricanes, while 16% of damages were linked to heat waves. Flooding and drought each made up 10% of net damages, and wildfires were linked to 2% of damages.

In total, the researchers found climate-change attributed costs of 185 extreme weather events from 2000 to 2019 to total $2.86 trillion, averaging $143 billion annually. Per year, the costs ranged from the low of $23.9 billion in 2001 to the highest annual cost of $620 billion in 2008. The team published their results in the journal Nature Communications.

While the figures are already significant, they are likely lower than the actual totals. Ilan Noy, study co-author and a professor at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, told The Guardian that for some extreme weather events, data was limited.

“That indicates our headline number of $140bn is a significant understatement,” Noy explained, noting that heat wave data on human deaths was only available in Europe. “We have no idea how many people died from heatwaves in all of sub-Saharan Africa.”


DMM英会話 講師と会話内容

アンギー 地球温暖化のコスト
アンシー スノーデン
アクラム 電子ゴミ
アナチ 電子ゴミ
ミア イスラエル紛争
ヴァイオレット ISTJ性格診断
アクラム(マレーシア) 日米韓 合同軍事演習
ブルゴス 岸田 非核化
レリマ イスラエル紛争
クリス(ポーランド人) イスラエル紛争
ニッキー イスラエル紛争
ヘレン メタンを食べるバクテリア
ヴェロ 加工食品と鬱
オマ メタンを食べるバクテリア
アンシー イスラエル紛争
カイト(ベジタリアン) 失敗博物館
ネスケ 失敗博物館
アンシー 禁酒
カイト mRNA
アンシー 冤罪
カイト 冤罪
ヴェロ 冤罪
パレサ 冤罪
ロイス 原子力発電所
アンドリュー サイの減少
マラ アルツハイマーの薬
アンシー 岸田 韓国・アメリカと会談
セス 宇宙飛行士長期滞在

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