Getting back home.

I woke up 4 early in this morning.
In these 5 days, I always wake up so early.
Because of after noon buzz and much walking I got tired so soon every time.

Yesterday, it was a trip to Malmo Sweden to see the Malmo castle.
Things were much a like European in Sweden with all those brick made wall along through the way but the Malmo castle were not after all a traditional European one but as a museum and even worse the other building with the regular museum was gay museum full of awful pictures.

Whole town in Malmo was so nice, so I enjoyed the town for a while.

Maybe the next trip will be Singapore where Calo the traveling mate will host me and will take me to Indonesia....or....China...where some of my Email friend living.
I am interested in India as well but so far so much for the U.S., Canada, or any of developed like nations.



The last day in Denmark

Yesterday I went through a really horrible experience in Denmark.

Yesterday was the 5th day in Denmark, the 3rd day and 4th day I went along with skilled
Singapolean traveler Mr. CALO, who has very good instinction to traveling even in strange place also good inside view to places and people so we could keep away from any troubles and in the end it made our tour better.

He was really a tough guy, like who walks so long distance as more than 5 train stations far only on his feet.

I thought I tried to pick out a woman for a company of the traveling but after all I found it correct that I picked up a tough guy like Morffie in Matrix movie, who is the leader of Nebgadnezar and trained the Matrix guy to fight against the evil computers.
Women in general like shoppong and watching amusement things, not like walking for 6 hours without break that would enable us to visit so many things in few days.
If the girl were the one I dating, that would be ok, because just walking with her make it enjoyable.

Anyway, I visit a great old castle in a country side in Cobnhagn, it was cold and worse no store or restaurant were open but as I walking maybe it was around 10am or so, shops were openning so I had a good bite of Humburger like Kebab burger in a restaurant and killed time and kept off the coldness untill 11am when the castle open.
It was great castle with huge brick made garden with moss that also made us feelings of a histry in our mind and so did cracks and rusts on the wall.
It was really big in its appearance and it had a huge garden.
After 11 the gate was open, we enter the building, and found that it had a great numbers of rooms and pathes, which conected to another room.
As soon as once we entered on room, we noticed there were 3 ways of pathes,which may conect to the other rooms and the following room would have anoter 3 pathes and finally those construction made the castle maze like.

The first castle I visited at the day was so great, and that excited me so much so I decided to move up to another castle located in an hour far from there by bus.

I moved up to the next one with excitement with a joy out of the great castle.
But this was a wrong choise.

I got off the bus just in front of a palace, and I tried to get into the building to take a walk to the gate of the palace but I found we are not allowed to enter the building, 2 gards standing at the gate kept people off entering over the gate zone.
I asked people around the place and was told that nobody is permited to enter the building but walk around the main property zone.

So I took a long walk to just looking around the out face of the building, even we are not allowed to get into the grasses.I got bored soon.

I returned the very same way to go back to the bus station just to find there were few buses coming because it was Sunday, so I was bound to find a train station near by.I walked 20 minutes and in the end I found one but I felt something wrong with it because nobody was at the station even worse the station office was closed.

I was so desperate to find the way to go back to Cobnhagn main station.There were few buses coming even worse a train station was closed so after all I determined to walk all the way to the nearest station.
I had started walking for a long dinstance like hell and until I got stuck into a dead end
and asked a people around the place I noticed I had to walk at leaset 40kilo meter more to get to the station.

I was at a loss to the point that I couldnt come up with anything but to rush buck to the closed looking station with full of my all energy.
I ran, I really ran so much with sweat on my back even cold air of negative 5 degrees.

Finally I got to the station then I found 2 bus stops and I picked up one of 2 stops but
that was miss chois, the other side I skipped that was the one even a few bus got.

I had been waiting at the bus stop but no bus coming for more than 1 hour.....

I was freezed to die in negative 5 air, more over the sky was getting dim after 4pm, air was getting much colder and the sweat I got when I ran was getting cooler as I waiting for a long time.

It made me so impatient that I gave it up for the moment to wait the bus would never come and moved to 7-11 near by and asked the direction to a staff people.
So they said I should go back to the station which looked closed( in reality it was not closed)......I ran again....bad ruthlessly the train was gone just as I arrived at there but at least I could get a but heading for Cobnhagn main station, so that was the way I saved the day.

I was almost dead in the bus.

Negatie 5 dgrees

So yesterday I and Calo a Singapolean tourist walked through the central city area to all the way to Carlsberg beer brewarry.
Anyway it was so freezing with the average temparature between negative 5 to 0dgrees. Or worse negative 10 in the early morning or mid-night.

We happened to get into a church a buptism was going on.

I can not upload a photo by this computer though there are so many images I want to Up.
Yesterday, I walked through the city with a Singapolean guy Calo, it is very nice thing to get acquinted with other tourists and go travel together.
My eyes' efficiency to pick up one to go with have improved over the years.

So we walked through the covenhagn city all the day.First we came into a famous church in the city,which seemed to be closed at first, he also hesitately said it may be closed, but I tried to open the gate and came into the gate most quietly, where a buptism was going on.

I couldnt understand what a priest spoke because they were Danish but appearantly there were somehow sacred air, and I noticed that was a baptism because there were a baby there.As soon as they noticed they wave us away to get out of the building.


I am so exausted from walking all through a day in freezing chilly Covnhagn.
I can feel I consumed much of glucose and fat in my body to keep up the body temperature and moving in 0 to negative 5 degree air.

I have found in the nature Danske...Denmark people....are so kind people and always concern others.....everytime I watching a map and stop on the way and thinking in my mind , they without fail offered to give me some advices or directions.

4 times in a day, while I was walking on a street, they talked to me if there were any problem...

No Japanese......oh this is what I really wanted....

I have experienced Vancouver and also Newyork as a traveling before, but this city and more whole this country is not like those cities which I have experienced.

It means that it is not a melting pot like Van or Newyork.

When I was in Van there were not a single day I didnt see Japanese's face.
I didnt rely on the specific japanese community back in Van, neverthless I saw some Janpanese whenever I walking the street.
Not only Japanese, there were so many people with ethnic back ground like Korean, Chinese or Vietnamese so that the melting pot meaning.

But this city covnhagn is totally defferent, just as a Japanese, people see me with a sort of curisity.I was told "You are HIRO."just I sitting on a sofa, Horo is a Japanese actor who shows up in Heroes drama.
I am not similer to him not wearing glasses, just short.....I think I am lighter than him now too....


Yesterday I went to bed around 11 or so, I am waiting the moment the years change.But people were so crazy and loud, fireworks were like gunshots.
I frew over 15hours and so tired.
So I drank some beer and slept.

While I was tired, I woke up at 2am, so that means I slept only 3 hour or so.
I took showew and got back to the bed and grab a short time sleep.

I woke up 4am again.
I gave up to sleep at the morning.
I wore winter jackets so thickly like snow man, and took some walking in the dark cold morning.

It really reminds me of Van's dark winter morning and in addition to it, it is freezing cold like hell.

I took just an hour's walk and was about dying from coldness.

Now I am waiting late sun dawn.

Arriving at Denmark

I have arrived at here Covnhagen.I took more than 15hours including transit in zhulich.

There also was a trouble at the air port.I had gone through some trouble at air port everytime.
That was ticketing trouble.
I couldnt buy a ticket for central station however I swipt the credit card in the machine.

Finally I broke my coin into smaller.
I wasted a whole one hour at the station.

In the end I bought 4 Kebabs at 7eleven and took them to the hotel and checked in.

I finally got relaxed and relieved.
I drank a couple of beer at the rounge table and tasted kakebs.

Anyway this hotel is so loud with young sters and high beat music.

I managed to get to know some travelers in same hotel and had some talk they were Itarian.