In these days, we rarely see demonstrations of this kind in Japan.
In Honkong, this area Mongkok, where it is known as a school area in Kawloon, this area is just next to the area with much enthusiasm like Jordan.
As we are walking on the street, we soon notice how energical it is.

Every path, every corner, people's activities of daily life will catch our eyes.

It is an electric tool shop in Mongkok.

In Japan, who ever will shout and demonstrate on a platform before bunch of people to sell an electric drill.

Especially, the night market is most typical.
They without fail will try to call passerbies into buying their stuff.
They are most persistent when they find us tourists from Japan.



Hong-kong was the second place oversea I ever visited.
The first place was NY and so was the second time.
This was the third time I went oversea and the second country.

The upper photo is a scene at Jordan in Kawloon in Hongkong.
It was very busy city and crowded city.
Jordan is very famous for its night market.
In night time, it was so amusing with many people going around and its open market.
It had energy, cheerful people's voice.

As you can see in the picture, there are some sheets of plastic cloth on the road.
They use the cloths as roofs of their night market.
Also you can see some set of scafoldings on the road.
They put those scafolding together and make them the pole of the open market, and they unfold the cloths to make them roofs.

Roofs are very important part of their open shops.
It is located in south part of China so it is a part of east Asia.
But at the season it had summer squall occasionally not so offtenly.

When I stayed in Hongkong, I also experienced unexpected rain while I was walking.
They suddenly started unfolding the extra cloths and cover their merchandises.

I like those Asian festive atmosphere.
It was hot.

The streets were crossing each other intricately.
I was tempted to wander into the strange path intentionally.
I had never bored with it.