Shang-hai Yoen



This is Yoen in Shang-hai.This looks a Chinese traditional temple with a fountain and tileroofed house though it's called Yoen which is a commercial complex with many of restaurants and cafes ,shopping mole with souvenior shops.
It maybe originated from real traditional temple but there are whole a lot of shops and no atmosphere of sacred or humble like.I guess this huge commercial complex dates back to old local shopping mole with real small temple, which maybe really small and down to earth.And then, some local people built a shop and some others followed it and started building one after another,then bunched together with original one and they were getting bigger and bigger, year by year.And it ended up in such an intricate shopping area.
If you like Japanese animations, it might be the one you like because this town Yoen has real Asian atomosphere and kind of surreal.Whole area is intricate like a maze, just like the world of "Sen to chihiro no kamikakushi(Spirited away)"
We came to Yoen just the next day of the day we had a frog soup in Suzoh city.And because of those red chilies in the soup I ate I had a loose bowel.I wanted to enjoy the dim-sam(Yamcha),my upset stomach offtenly took me to restrooms.At the restroom in a cafe in Yoen, I also got a stomach upset and had to go to the restroom.
I prepared for dirty toilet in China but that was even worse, they didn't have a toilet paper.I was so despirate to get only a pack of pocket tissue, and in the end I found one.That was a disaster.
Well...anyway, you can get there by a cab or if you are staying in Band area, you can walk.Shang-hai is quite a nice area and I like it.All are mixed with old and new.Europian culture and Chinese one are blended together.
Band area is really developed and some place has a new face and Europianized, but as you go into the residencial area, in which Yoen is located,they have reall good old Chinese faces.
So if you will stay in downtown area, most of Japanese would stay in downtown though, you should take a walk all through to Yoen, in that way you can enjoy the true China.



A night view in Shang-hai


マラソン大会(@ 皇居)に参加する面々が集まって飲む。




The upper image is a night view in Shang-hai, it is a bit out focused though...

I have been running for more than 50days in a row this kind of thing would have not happened ever.I used to be heavy and not fit in running for a long time.Now I have noticed that my body shape has been changing by degrees, I hardly get out of steam, legs are getting tougher, my mind is getting tougher and more tenacious, and even more upbeat.

I am pushing my self to overcome another hurdle of 25minutes for 5km.
At the moment, I run 26 to 28 minutes for 5km, that varies from day to day.
At one time, a ramen restaurant's cook followed just after me, I pushed myself even much harder and finally I ran 5km in 26 minutes.

28 minutes is not up to my satisfaction at all, I believe I could attain higher level.
Today, some marathon men are going to get together and have a meeting, is that going to be a marathon meeting?I don't know.

Anyway, I will attain the temporary goal of 25 minutes for 5km by the coming marathon competition.

ディアナチュラ αリポ酸



LUZHI a town with an old moat



Taking the human relations( not in work places) and site viewer oversea into consideration , now I am translating these old notes about being abroad for trips into English.
For Japanese fellows, pardon me for a while.I wish you happen to be a language learner and these English version of these blogs will work for your English practicing.

Please keep up, I am sure to follow and feature my current news about the up coming marathon competition and so forth.

Almost 2 years ago, I went to Shang-hai for pleasure.
And a few days later we stayed in Shang-hai we took a move to one of the outskirts area Suhzo city, in contrast to main city Shang-hai, which much like Tokyo, it was quiet a sort of histrical mooded area.
It took us for a few hours from Shang-hai to Suzoh by train and bus.
Then we put our luggages down in the hotel room and headed for another town in the city Luzhi, which was much older and histric town than the main city Suzoh.

It was real old town with all those moss grown brick walls and entirely moat surrounded.
For the most tourists' sake, they had gondola rides.
We paid for ticket then rode on.
A woman who had chinese traditional cloth on started rowing the boat.

Peaceful time, calming....except for garbages thrown out of the window of its wall surrouding the moat by the residence.What if the garbage would hit us?

As to the moat, they were so complicated well into the old town,like a bit of labyrinth.

The woman rowing the boat will sing some songs too, that was a lovesong.
I am really positive anybody can enjoy the town and its gondola ride, a little bit too many tourists though....

Froggy soup with full of red peppers in the bowl!!


This was a dish we ordered in a chinese restaurant when I traveled in Shang-hai with a friend.
What do you think it is in the picture?
That was a frog soup.
Then what is the red part?
They were whole a lot of red peppers.
How tasted do you think it was?
That was real hot like hell.
You can't order the dish unless you like hot dishes.
I like hot foods, my tongue and mouth will bear it.
But for my stomach and bottom, it seemed to be a bit different story.

So I am going to tell you, it basically was a frog soup, nevertheless where were the frogs?
Actually they were.
Deep in the hell of red soup.
They were well boiled in the hell's fire.

As to the meat of the frogs, they were really yummy, tender, sweet and rather tasted like chikens or flour dumplings, so tender, and as opposed to my expectation they were white?(why not GREEN?).

But I won't recommend you to complete the whole soup that was what I have actually tried.
For nomal people those red peppers were so strong and it without fail upset your stomach.

A momoire in Shang-hai




A washroom which was located in a station property, just in front of a station in Shang-hai.
It doesn't take so much for one to imagine how embarrassing it must be for Japanese and most of European, American people.
There weren't a door but a line of ditch instead.
We even can see other's bum.
If you don't want to be seen by anybody else, you should stride on the toilet of the most left side( in the picture).
It was totally surprising for me that they would never mind if anybody else would see it, I mean, while you wiping on your bum or weewee uncovered.

This must have been improved point before the Beijin olimpics game takes place.
Where is in the world the one from the U.S. ,Japan or wherever who wouldn't mind to be seen by anyone during one's toilet.

From today on, I am going to rewrite momeires in other countries from time to time.
Right now, my concentration is focused on practicing the second language, jogging and job hunting.
So, once in a couple of days I will note some news or thinkings on this blog and on the regular basis keep on writing this kind of things like, the past experiences or memories in other countries.

First off, all of these things have been in this website already in our language, so this time I will rewrite them in this language, that will enable the people oversea to read these materials.
Now I am reflecting on what I have been doing on this page, so I mean, I could have easily expected that I would become more global not only in the term of geographically but also human relation-ship and conecction.